Taste & Dine in Café Tribu

Café Tribu’s mission to recharge your mornings and relieve your days retreat each shop aims to welcome you in a worry-free atmosphere through the enjoyment of a good cup of freshly brewed coffee done the Tribu way grounded in love, filtered with care, and served just the way you like it.

Café Tribu’s menu go beyond your regular cup of coffee, also in store are a variety of hearty snacks and hot meals. Mingled with the relaxing ambiance that’s infused with gradient aroma of roasted premium coffee beans, our shop are ideal for weekly business meetings, daily luncheons with friend colleagues, and even these days that call for your momentary solitude.

Premium local blend coffee that comes straight from Sagada and Benguet. Freshly brew to deliver high quality coffee taste.

Offer Philippine grown coffee and more to your customers with a flexible choice of additional food choices

And more flavors soon on your nearest Cafe Tribu branch