Cafe Tribu Franchise Packages

Café Tribu franchise is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to open Coffee shop franchise in the Philippines. Filipinos are avid coffee drinkers. Small specialty coffee shops are also on the wave. With minimal investment but large income return, you can start already you own coffee business.

✔ No Hidden Charges

✔ No Quota

✔ No Royalty Fee

✔ No Marketing Fee

✔ No Annual Fee

✔ Can be partnered with any business

✔ High Quality, Delicious and Fresh products

✔ Award Winning Franchise support

✔ Hassle free business

We have the most affordable coffee shop franchise packages:

  • Coffee Kiosk (6 - 30 sqm) - Franchise for only 450,000 pesos (Can be deployed for a mini coffee shop max of 30 sqm only) for Philippine Market only*
  • Mall Kiosk (8 - 70 sqm) - Franchise for only 690,000 pesos (Can be deployed for a mini coffee shop max of 70 sqm and not limited to mall deployment) for Philippine Market only*
  • Island Type all in (15 - 30 sqm) - Franchise for only 2 Million pesos for Philippine Market only*
  • Coffee Shop - 1.450 Million pesos for Philippine Market only*
  • Full Coffee Shop all in - Choose from 2.7 Million to 3.9 Million pesos packages for Philippine Market only*
  • International Branch (any country) - 1,450,000 Philippine Pesos or USD 28,000 approx - Please email us for more details. Open for exclusive franchise rights over country for 10,500,000 Philippine Pesos or USD 199,100 approx.

**All your questions are covered on our free business orientation. You can also read the FAQs on this link.

We are open for franchise in the Philippines and other countries. The following are the steps on how to franchise with us:

1. Set an appointment with us by contacting the following (We are open Mondays to Saturdays 1pm to 8pm for franchise orientation):

Call: +63917-909 1116 (GLOBE) or +63999-5182981 (SMART)

Email: or or fill out form below

We discourage on the spot walk-in to our office since there is a huge number of franchise inquiries and you must have an appointment schedule so we can better assist you with the process.

NOTE: Please be mindful on transacting on Facebook Pages and agents claiming they are connected with our company. Please transact only on the contacts listed above for we are not responsible for any loss due to transactions made from unofficial channels.

2. Mode of Payments:


*Credit Card

*Check (Subjects for 3 days clearing)

*Online Payments-PayPal and Bank Deposit

3. Show your receipt to the (FDO) for the issuance and signing of franchise agreement.

4. Attend the franchise and crew training orientation.

5. Lead time for cart fabrication and delivery is 45 to 60 working days; upon signing of franchise agreement.

6. Start of operation

NOTE: Please transact only to the number and email address above. There are some fake Facebook Pages or persons that promote Cafe Tribu and we won't be liable on your transactions and payments done through fake channels.

Café Tribu® Café Tribu All Day Coffee® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Pinoy Pao Express, Inc. in the Philippines and/or other countries.

*Covered under Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) which is defined under the BMBE Law, RA. 9178 Act of 2002

If you are already a franchisee of Cafe Tribu email